Des conseils pour être glamour, sexy et sans être vulgaire

Glamour, Sexy, or Vulgar… How to Distinguish Them?

“Currently, with the ongoing changes manifesting all over the world, people, especially women, seek to distinguish themselves from others. However, in most cases, they no longer know where to draw the line and confuse what it means to be ‘sexy, glamorous, or vulgar.’ The following lines provide details on this subject to inform female readers about the appearance that best corresponds to ‘femininity.”

It is our behavior and dressing that accentuate the allure of seduction within us. Sometimes, we confuse ‘being sexy’ with ‘being vulgar,’ and when we are ‘glamorous,’ we often forget our sexy side. Here are some tips and techniques to awaken our femininity.

Sexy from Head to Toe

The goal is to have a sexy appearance without revealing too much. You can be sexy by wearing simple things like a top with thin straps, a knee-length skirt, mules, and delicate bracelets. Necklines can be appealing as long as they don’t show the entire midriff. This simple yet sexy look adds femininity to a woman. Even if you have a beautiful bosom and curvaceous hips, it’s best not to rely too much on them to appear sexy but rather focus on refinement and sophistication to be alluring. Being sexy doesn’t necessarily mean being very thin; it’s about having a firm body and being a bit toned or curvy.

How to Behave to Be Sexy?

A sexy woman exudes a soft laugh, a tender voice, endearing gestures, and a captivating charm. With this self-confidence, she doesn’t need to beg men to be with her. A sexy woman doesn’t dress like a nun, nor does she wear old bathrobes or clothes adorned with kittens. She embodies femininity while remaining delicate and well-groomed. Even with outfits considered vulgar on others, they become sexy on her. Men adore sexy women because they don’t need heaps of compliments to know their worth. Sexy women are captivating and always impress men.

Being Glamorous at All Times

A glamorous woman is often seen as someone with several gold and habitually wearing jewelry. Glamorous women are associated with stars, top models, or those who behave like them. A glamorous woman always wears haute couture clothing. However, it doesn’t stop her from queuing for sales. Not everything she wears makes her look vulgar.

Even when wearing a sheer tunic, for example, instead of looking vulgar, it gives her an air of respect. She never exposes her midriff. On the contrary, she leans towards retro femininity by wearing high heels with knee-length skirts, not to mention fur and sunglasses. She completes the look with a beautiful smile, showing perfectly aligned teeth and a Fendi bag that enhances her uniqueness.

How to Behave While Being Glamorous?

A glamorous woman has a sweet smile with an endearing character. During a discussion or debate, she prefers not to get into details to avoid offending certain people. She doesn’t like to expose herself to the sun or engage in arduous tasks like fixing a flat tire or a pool leak. However, like any other woman, she can be nervous. She also enjoys hiding foods like a sandwich with fries in her pantry. It takes a lot of time to seduce a glamorous woman because she requires a lot of attention and proof of love. Men have a high regard for glamorous women, and most of them even want to have a serious love story with them.

What Constitutes a Vulgar Look?

To attract attention, some women do whatever they please, even if it makes them look vulgar. For example: excessive and flashy makeup, inappropriate costumes, or ridiculously long fake nails. It’s true that thongs can be sexy, but there’s no need to flaunt them by having them peek out of your pants to prove you’re sexy. It’s better to cover the thong with fabric, whether it’s shorts, pants, or a skirt; it still remains exciting. Revealing too much underwear is an absolute no-no.

A sex symbol has nothing to do with being sexy; it’s more about vulgarity. For instance, wearing overly tight clothing or an absolute Barbie doll look… Also, avoid wearing thick, colorful jewelry… Say goodbye to super-sexy clothes with shiny fabrics and unusual cuts. Browse through magazine pages to discover numerous styles of clothing. Also, consider how to apply makeup to avoid looking too conspicuous while remaining sexy and appealing. Synthetic materials and overly tight leather clothing should be used sparingly to avoid appearing like a true bimbo.

How Does Vulgar Behavior Manifest?

Even if a woman is charming, if she doesn’t speak properly, her charm is overshadowed by her vulgarity. For example, speaking while making noises with chewing gum or using foul language. Try to speak properly, paying attention to syntax errors. Slang like ‘Her girl is annoying’ should also be used in moderation.

Society also considers it vulgar when a woman reveals too much about her intimate life or talks excessively about sexuality. The same goes for a woman who instantly seduces a man she just met. This form of seduction is not yet widely accepted, even if it’s trendy in other countries like Brazil and Sweden.

By adopting a vulgar appearance, you can drive away men in just a few minutes!

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