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Anti-Aging Tips: Delay Wrinkles by Consuming the Right Foods!

Yes, there are indeed anti-aging foods that help fortify the skin to prevent it from aging too quickly. We turn to foods whose properties will boost the skin’s collagen. Aside from fast sugars, which are the primary factors in collagen disruption, it’s also necessary to avoid excessively cooked foods.

What we eat plays a significant role in either accelerating or decelerating skin aging. There are, without a doubt, ‘anti-aging’ foods that help sustain youthful skin and maintain a youthful face. Therefore, consume these foods to slow down the effects of time on your body!

Less Fast Sugars!

For those with a sweet tooth, preserving youthful skin requires a significant reduction in the consumption of cakes and pastries! To slow skin aging, it’s essential to limit fast sugars. Pastries, cakes, soda, white bread, refined cereals, or even potatoes are the culprits.

By raising your glycemic index, they promote glycation, which disrupts the collagen and elastin network, halting their renewal. Fine lines appear on the skin. Choosing meals that do not cause a sharp rise in your blood sugar is wise if you wish to preserve your skin from unwanted little wrinkles as early as age 20.

So, what should you eat instead of that tempting Paris-Brest when craving a sweet snack? Opt for apples, strawberries (without added sugar), clementines, pineapple – these fruits are particularly recommended. It’s also beneficial to add cooked vegetables and raw ones to each meal and choose the right starches, like legume cereals and/or whole grains.

Objective: Boost Collagen

Naturally present in the skin, collagen is the ultimate anti-aging element to preserve and strengthen to maintain skin youth and firmness. The skin’s collagen is nourished by vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, parsley, cabbage, and bell peppers. To preserve it, consume a variety of red berries (cherries, blackcurrants, blueberries), onions, buckwheat, grapes, apples. Additionally, consuming at least 75% cocoa chocolate squares and a glass of red wine per day helps protect it.

Whole grains, nettle in salad or as a herbal tea, horsetail, mineral water – these are excellent for strengthening collagen.

Goodbye Overcooked Foods!

If you’re fond of slightly charred, caramelized, or browned dishes, stopping these habits will help you maintain a youthful appearance. These preparations are toxic because the body cannot process the molecules modified by cooking. Overcooked food has consequences on the skin, promoting the appearance of what’s commonly known as ‘age spots.’

Adopting a moderate cooking approach, around 100 degrees Celsius, even for oven baking (ideally using earthenware dishes), is the right choice. Opt for poached fish, cooking in water or broth, a double boiler, or a steamer with a perforated lid!

From the age of 20, these cooking methods will benefit your skin’s youthfulness. Embrace them as often as possible! (Except, of course, during summer when you’re entitled to a barbecue party!)

Bonus: Discover Four Super Anti-Aging Foods!

To conclude this article beautifully, “La Bonne Copine” presents the best for last: the four foods that will boost your ‘youth capital’! First, there’s salmon roe: aside from being delicious, they provide a wealth of omega-3, known for their anti-aging properties.

Then, there’s the carrot, alkaline-rich, packed with carotenoids’ antioxidants, lut​​ein, and zeaxanthin, which work against vision aging.

Next is the eggplant, another alkaline vegetable with fewer pesticides compared to its peers. Its high antioxidant content, especially in its skin, makes it an excellent natural anti-aging agent.

Finally, there’s the tomato, the primary source of lycopene (an antioxidant) among vegetables, retaining its properties even when preserved. Whether natural, as sauce, pureed, or cooked, tomatoes can be consumed even out of season, guarding against premature skin aging!

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