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Anti-Aging Tips: Delay Wrinkles by Consuming the Right Foods!

“Yes, there are indeed anti-aging foods that help strengthen the skin to prevent it from aging too quickly. We turn to foods whose properties will boost the skin’s collagen. In addition to fast sugars, which are the primary factors in collagen disruption, one should also avoid excessively cooked foods.”

What we eat plays an important role in accelerating or slowing down skin aging. There are indeed “anti-aging” foods that are good for preserving youthful skin and maintaining a youthful appearance. Consume these foods to slow down the effects of the passage of time on your body!

Less Fast Sugars!

Attention, all you food enthusiasts, because to preserve youthful skin, you will need to greatly reduce the consumption of cakes and pastries! To slow down skin aging, it’s important to limit the intake of fast sugars. Pastries, cakes, soda, white bread, refined cereals, and even potatoes fall into this category.

By raising your blood sugar level, they promote the glycation phenomenon, which disrupts the network and inhibits the renewal of collagen and elastin. Fine lines appear on the skin. You’ve probably understood that opting for meals that avoid a rapid spike in blood sugar is wise if you want to protect your skin from bothersome little wrinkles as early as the age of 20.

But what should you eat instead of a Paris-Brest that makes your mouth water while you crave a sweet snack? Apples, strawberries (careful not to add sugar), clementines, and pineapples are highly recommended fruits. The right approach is also to add cooked vegetables and raw vegetables to every meal and choose the right carbohydrates, such as legumes and/or whole grains.

Objective: Boost Collagen

Naturally present in the skin, collagen is the ultimate anti-aging component to preserve and strengthen for youthful and firm skin.

Skin collagen is nourished with vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, parsley, cabbage, and bell peppers. To protect it, consume red berries (cherries, blackcurrants, blueberries), onions, buckwheat, grapes, apples, and also protect it by eating 4 squares of chocolate containing at least 75% cocoa and a glass of red wine per day.

Whole grains, nettle in salad or tea, horsetail, mineral water are excellent for strengthening it.

Goodbye Overcooked Foods!

If you’re addicted to slightly grilled, caramelized, or browned dishes, you’ll need to stop if you want to appear young for a longer time. It turns out that these preparations are deliciously toxic because the body cannot process molecules modified by cooking.

Furthermore, the skin also suffers the consequences as eating burnt food promotes the appearance of what is commonly known as “age spots.”

So the right approach is to respect the moderate cooking of foods, which is at 100 degrees, and this also applies to baking at a specific thermostat (ideally, clay pot). And long live poached fish, boiling or simmering, a water bath, and a couscous steamer with a vented lid!

From the age of 20, these cooking methods will benefit the youth of your skin, so adopt them as often as possible! (except in the summer, of course, when you’re still entitled to a barbecue party!)

As a bonus: discover four super anti-aging foods!

To conclude this article on a high note, La Bonne Copine gives you the best for last: the four foods that will boost your “youth capital”! First, there are salmon eggs: in addition to being delicious, they provide you with a wealth of omega-3, known for their anti-aging properties.

Next, there’s the carrot, which is “alkalizing,” meaning it’s rich in acids, as well as rich in carotenoid antioxidants, as well as two substances that counteract age-related vision problems, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Then there’s the eggplant, another alkalizing vegetable and less pesticide-laden compared to its peers. Thanks to its high quantity of antioxidants, especially in its skin, it serves as an excellent natural anti-aging agent. Finally, there’s the tomato, which is the leading source of lycopene (an antioxidant) among vegetables, and it retains its properties even when preserved. Fresh, in sauce, mashed, or cooked, the tomato can be consumed even out of season and is suitable for safeguarding against premature skin aging!

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