Les poissons, les nourritures nobles du moment

Fish, the Noble Foods of the Moment

For some time now, fish has become the epitome of food. It is consumed abundantly even in the trendiest places, such as upscale restaurants and hotels. No matter how you prepare them, whether steamed, baked, microwaved, or grilled, they always bring delight to gourmets.

Currently, many fish that were once relegated to a secondary position are experiencing a growing surge in popularity. The most prestigious establishments and top chefs of the moment are featuring them on their menus. For example, we can mention turbot, halibut, skate, line-caught whiting, or even sardines. Cooked in various ways and presented with aesthetics, you would find it hard to recognize them. These fish, once overlooked, become delicious when served on your plate.

Undeservedly Neglected Fish

It would not be an exaggeration to say that several fish have suffered from genuine discrimination. In terms of taste, the black mullet, large plaice, fresh herring, greater weever, hake, meagre, pollack, mackerel, redfish, or white tuna have nothing to envy to the ‘noble’ species, as each of them possesses unique characteristics.

Species with Unattractive Appearances but Delicious

Some fish species even fall victim to ‘guilt by ugly appearance.’ Indeed, many people unjustly think that because they are not visually appealing, they are not delicious. Contrary to this belief, lemon sole, coalfish, red gurnard, dogfish, scorpionfish, horse mackerel, or even garfish can be not only tasty but also come with certain advantages, such as their affordable prices.

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