Allergie aux crustacés : gare aux crevettes !

Allergy to Shellfish: Watch Out for Shrimp!

“Whether served in a cocktail or as part of a delicious meal, shrimp are very popular thanks to their taste. However, consuming this type of shellfish can be dangerous for people who are allergic to it. Vomiting, swelling of the lips or eyes, there are many symptoms that can help recognize a shrimp allergy. One must be cautious because it can be life-threatening.”

In individuals allergic to shellfish, the life-threatening reaction can occur immediately after ingesting the food. Therefore, before consuming them, it is advisable to eat a raw lemon. Indeed, lemon is beneficial in catalyzing allergens circulating in the body.

Shrimp Allergy

Approximately 5% of food allergies in adults are caused by shellfish. The most common one is shrimp allergy, but it is generally moderate.

What are the symptoms?

These initial allergic reactions may manifest as swelling of the eyelids and/or lips, skin rashes, itching, redness, eye irritation, and/or hives. These reactions can worsen and may require an adrenaline injection in case of severe distress. Note that the intensity of these symptoms may vary depending on individual cases.

What should be done?

At the slightest symptoms, it is essential to consult a doctor (whether an allergist or not). Indeed, only the doctor can determine whether there is an allergy or not. Then, they will prescribe an avoidance diet to follow based on the individual’s tolerance level to the allergen.

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