Trouvez la couleur parfaite de rouge à lèvres grâce à celle de vos mamelons

Find the perfect shade of lipstick by matching it to the color of your nipples

“Discovering the ideal lipstick shade is often a real challenge. Too dark, too pink, too brown, too light… it’s very difficult for you to choose! Stop hesitating because the color that will suit your complexion perfectly is already on your body, that of your nipples! Now, there’s no need to go to makeup stores to find the nude lipstick that suits you.”

Lipsticks, available in a thousand and one shades, are, of course, a makeup must-have. Before getting one for yourself, first find out which one suits your complexion the best. To do this, choose the shade that is closest to the color of your nipples!

An incredible yet true theory!

Undoubtedly, nature has really done things well. Although it may seem crazy and confusing, the ideal shade of a nude lipstick is that of the nipples. This discovery is the result of the research of Dr. Travis Lane Stork, a physician and physicist. It was during his appearance on ‘The Doctors,’ an American show broadcasted on NBC, that he made this revelation. Indeed, nipples generally have two darker colors than that of the complexion. By opting for a shade that comes as close as possible, you will avoid fashion blunders. Keep in mind that choosing a lipstick that is too light or too dark for your tone might spoil your look.

Pay close attention to get the perfect lipstick!

It should be noted that nipples do not have just one single shade. They can change color depending on various factors. In fact, their color changes if it’s too cold or too hot. Their pigmentation changes during pregnancy or when you’re unwell. It’s advisable to always base your choice on a neutral moment.

This doesn’t mean opening your shirt in the middle of the lipstick aisle to see the color of your nipples. Note that there are not thirty-six solutions to determine the color of your nipples. Simply look carefully and remember the shade. You can even take a photo to compare the different nude lipsticks.

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