Méthodes pour apparaître élégante

The 3 Steps to Elegance

“To be graceful is the dream of every woman. To achieve it, several rules must be followed, starting with gestures that may seem insignificant but are important. Everything must be in perfect harmony, from head to toe, if you want elegance to enhance your beauty…”

Being Elegant at All Times

You must be well-organized and well-prepared

To avoid having an orange mask, apply just enough foundation to even out your skin tone and eliminate any unpleasant shine. Your lipstick should match your eyeshadow, using neutral tones like brown and gray. Use light mascara and eyeliner.

However, for special occasions like a reception or a formal dinner, you can opt for red lipstick. Once your face is well harmonized, move on to your hair.

Have a well-groomed appearance and shiny hair to be elegant

When we think of elegant women, three names immediately come to mind: Nicole Kidman, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy. These women expressed their elegance through their hairstyles. There’s nothing better than a hairstyle that perfectly highlights the silky appearance of your hair if you want a refined and elegant look.

Take care of your nails

For your nails, any nail polish color can make you elegant as long as you know how to match them. However, to make the right choice, prefer beige, pale pink, or French manicure.

No color should be excluded, even black, unless you really dislike it. Look at celebrity photos from events; they embrace all colors, including black, orange, and green, which are typically considered elegant.

Jasmine, rose, and amber for an elegant fragrance

People often don’t notice a person’s scent, but the fragrance creates an impression in the mind. Opt for a subtle perfume to leave a lasting impression. For elegance, your perfume should primarily contain jasmine, rose, or amber.

Work on your posture

To appear elegant, adopt good posture. Practice having an upright posture and ensure you have good posture. This will make you appear slimmer and highlight your curves.

Clothing, the Cornerstone of Elegance

Buy beautiful clothing that is simple and well-coordinated. If, on some occasions, you need to wear jogging pants or pajamas, choose simple but elegant ones. If you want to be graceful, avoid dirty, torn, or deliberately ripped clothes…

Opt for classic cuts

Even though shoulder-padded jackets and baggy jeans are currently in fashion, avoid wearing them. Opt for a more classic choice to give yourself a classy and elegant look. You can achieve this by wearing flowing blouses, shirts, woolen sweaters, or knee-length skirts.

Wear coordinated clothing

Always wear well-fitted and coordinated clothing. To avoid the appearance of bumps or bulges, your clothes should not be too tight, too loose, or deformed. No matter which clothes you choose, don’t limit yourself to just one size. When you buy new outfits, choose a size smaller and a size larger just to be sure they fit you properly. For the best fit, nothing beats custom-made clothing… But what fabric to choose?

Opt for quality materials

Cheap materials like low-quality cotton or acrylic should be avoided; it’s better to choose more sophisticated fabrics. This way, even if your clothes are not of the highest quality, they will be perceived as such. You can choose from satin, cotton, silk, angora, cashmere, suede, or real leather, all of which are refined materials.

Colors to adopt

For your clothing, opt for contrasting colors like black and white or red and white. Light pink, gray, taupe, cream, or navy blue will also work perfectly because they are neutral and classic colors. You can also combine elegant colors like pink and white, blue and gold, or white and beige.

Simplicity above all

Avoid wearing too many accessories and layers while wearing simple clothes. Separated patterns should also be avoided. Your jewelry should match your outfit and activities; they should be simple and elegant. Don’t be too extravagant with your attire.

For example, if you have to go shopping, wearing an evening dress, high heels, and a necklace wouldn’t be appropriate. For such an occasion and to be elegant, all you need is a champagne-colored top with a suede jacket and dark jeans. Don’t put on a sweatshirt to avoid looking too casual and simple.

Make the right choice of accessories

Your accessories should not overshadow your outfit but complement it. They should also be in harmony with your appearance. For example, if you have a round face, large earrings are not suitable. Opt for long and slender earrings to elongate your silhouette.

Being Classy

Tight-fitting clothes that reveal too much of your body are not appropriate, just like tasteless fabrics (fluorescent, leopard print, or lame, etc.). You will truly be elegant and enhance yourself only if you follow our clothing advice.

Behaving Elegantly

Speak correctly using a broad and sophisticated vocabulary. Articulate well, avoid slang and contractions. It’s best to practice in front of a mirror to get into the habit of speaking like a lady.

Taking on a specific accent is not necessary to appear elegant. It’s better to master grammar and vocabulary. For this, you just need to work on your elocution and grammar.

Stay calm in all circumstances

To be elegant, you need to learn to manage your emotions better, such as anger or sadness. Your elegance will quickly fade if you don’t control your emotions. As long as the subject is not a matter of life or death, always remain calm. Focus on one thing at a time while breathing properly.

If you can’t calm down, excuse yourself and take a step back by being alone outside before returning. When faced with upsetting events, avoid being overly emotional and act with restraint. Don’t be too enthusiastic or excited to avoid appearing too childlike or immature.

Remain polite in every situation

Don’t make distinctions among the people you meet; always be polite to them. When you sense that things are turning sour, avoid being aggressive, passive, or sarcastic at all costs. Find ways to navigate through all situations by acting with politeness. Treat everyone the same way as if you were about to receive an award for your courtesy.

Opt for grace

Your way of walking should also be elegant wherever you are. Avoid stumbling and dragging your feet when wearing high heels. You can improve your grace by practicing walking both in flats and with heels, as well as going up and down stairs. Using a full-length mirror, you will see the progress you have made for yourself.

Have confidence in yourself

You must show everyone that you have confidence in yourself, even if it’s not the case. Reassure yourself by telling yourself that you are intelligent, elegant, and beautiful, and remind yourself that you know what you are doing. Continue to pursue your goals even if everyone is against you, and avoid apologizing for anything; show your self-confidence to the rest of the world.

Behave elegantly

Your behavior towards your loved ones or in public is important. For example, when you eat, do so gracefully. Burping in public should be avoided. Wait your turn to be served. Avoid opening your mouth too wide when eating and don’t make noise.

Act intelligently

Don’t act like a child and never show that you’re foolish. The goal of people who behave this way is to either excite others or seek attention. It’s preferable for people to notice on their own that you are cultured and elegant. However, don’t act as if you know everything. Take an interest in other people’s conversations and only engage in topics you are knowledgeable about. Finally, always be diplomatic and sincere.

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