Le Maquillage anti UV, qu'est ce que c'est ?

UV Protection Makeup: What Is It?

“With the advancement of technology, it’s no longer necessary to forgo looking beautiful when exposing yourself to the sun. Now, you can have both. With the creation of UV protection makeup like powders and foundations with integrated SPF, there’s no need to worry about sun exposure anymore!”

UV protection makeup serves as an effective means of safeguarding especially problematic skin from the sun. However, this is still relatively unknown to many people. Besides concealing scars, redness, or various blemishes, this type of makeup can prevent UV rays from harming our skin.

UV Protection Makeup, a 2-in-1 Product

Applying sunscreen to the face is often uncomfortable due to its greasy texture, especially in urban settings. Additionally, frequent reapplication is required for optimal protection. Nevertheless, UV protection makeup shields and evens out the skin while concealing minor skin imperfections.

Exceptional Foundations!

Most often, this type of makeup comes in the form of compact or fluid foundations with UV filters. This characteristic sets it apart from regular makeup. Similar to sunscreens, they come with protection indices (IP or SPF) ranging from 20 to 50.

According to Christine Mas, the training manager at SHISEIDO, the ideal protection index for any UV protection makeup is SPF 30. If you don’t spend much time outdoors on a daily basis, an IP of 20 will suffice.

Equally Natural Results as Regular Foundations

Some UV protection foundations provide good coverage, and they yield a uniform result across the entire face. Some products even unify the skin with transparency. Made with mineral pigments, they don’t create a mask-like effect and offer a fairly natural appearance.

Makeup Suitable for Protecting Problematic Skin from the Sun

When dealing with skin imperfections, it’s important to avoid excessive sun exposure. It’s even better to avoid it altogether, as its effects can be harmful. To achieve this, opt for UV protection makeup, as it’s perfectly suited to act as a barrier between the skin and the sun.

Although sunlight may temporarily improve acne, it can worsen breakouts shortly after and even permanently mark scars or pigmentation spots. For those affected, it’s essential to apply a high-protection foundation as soon as the sun’s rays make an appearance.

UV Protection Makeup for All Seasons!

If you think UV protection is only necessary in summer, dispel that misconception! This type of cosmetic is suitable throughout the year, especially for sunbathers. These individuals are more susceptible to visible wrinkles.

Furthermore, it minimizes the effects of UVA rays, known to make the skin less elastic and firm. Although the skin can’t feel them (unlike UVB), they can harm it even on cloudy days! When applying UV protection makeup, remember to also cover your neck and décolletage, as these are sensitive areas to sun effects. At the beach, the effectiveness of these products depends on the amount applied.

Don’t Confuse UV Protection Makeup with Bronzer for a Tanned Look

Bronzers and blushes for a golden complexion, commonly used in summer, do not provide protection against UV rays. Nevertheless, as facial products, they serve as some protection against pollution and UV rays, though to a lesser extent. The reason cosmetic laboratories don’t incorporate sunscreens into these products is because they would weigh down their texture.

UV Protection for the Lips?

In summer, applying lip gloss helps hydrate and protect the lips. According to Nadine Leconte of NUXE, lips don’t require high protection, but UV protection gloss can prevent them from drying out. Glosses with protection indices between 15 and 25 are rare. For strong sun exposure, a sunscreen stick is more suitable.

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