Les bases beauté d'un joli teint

5 Basic Make-Up Tips for a Perfect Complexion

“Having a beautiful complexion or achieving a perfect makeup look depends on your skin. It brightens, evens out, and rejuvenates… Makeup allows you to maintain a healthy glow all year round. To achieve flawless skin, choose products that suit your skin tone and type. Foundation, blush, concealer, powder – get to know the five beauty basics for a beautiful complexion.”

Many people dread the foundation application step because they fear messing up their makeup. Besides looking tired, a botched makeup job can make you appear older. To avoid this, here are five beauty basics for achieving a beautiful complexion and radiant face.

1. Foundation: A Product to Even Out Your Skin

Like moisturizer, foundation should be chosen based on your skin type. If you have oily skin, opt for mousse or powder foundation to conceal enlarged pores. Liquid foundations can also work for oily skin as they help control sebum production. If you have dry skin, go for cream or liquid textures for added comfort. For combination skin, all textures are suitable. However, cream textures tend to migrate into facial creases during the day, while mousse textures may accentuate dry areas. Liquid foundation is ideal for dehydrated skin as it is less likely to emphasize flaky skin.

Before applying foundation, make sure to properly prepare your skin. It should be clean, exfoliated, and moisturized. A smooth complexion allows pigments to distribute evenly.

2. Concealer to Hide Imperfections

Concealer, applied before foundation, helps hide blemishes, scars, and redness. There are two types: skin-colored concealers and color-correcting concealers. To conceal minor imperfections like blemishes or scars, opt for skin-colored concealer. It can be used alone or applied over foundation. Color-correcting concealers are used to correct uneven skin pigmentation, such as redness or dark circles.

Concealer is concentrated and should be applied sparingly, only in the areas with imperfections. To brighten your eyes, apply concealer under your eyes. For a better finish, choose cream concealer as it is easier to apply.

3. Loose or Compact Powder: The Solution to Set Your Makeup

To keep your makeup in place and achieve a beautiful complexion, choose powder. It not only evens out your skin tone but also prevents makeup from running. There are two types: loose powder and compact powder. Although loose powder may seem old-fashioned, it is the ideal solution for mattifying the skin. Compact powder, on the other hand, is more practical and suitable for all skin types. It is a solid version of loose powder and is easily portable.

To determine which powder is right for you, identify your skin type:

– If you have combination or oily skin, opt for loose powder, which is more mattifying and dry.

– To set your makeup and maintain a peachy complexion throughout the day, loose powder is ideal.

– For oily skin, choose non-comedogenic powders to prevent breakouts.

– If you have dry skin, it is advisable to use compact powder, which contains less talc and is less likely to accentuate dry areas.

4. Concealer, Your Ultimate Skin Corrector

Concealer is applied before or after liquid foundation, depending on the desired coverage, and helps eliminate signs of fatigue. If you’ve had a long night, apply this product after liquid foundation. However, if you have minor dark circles, apply it before foundation. For powder foundation, it is applied before the foundation to avoid clumps.

There are two methods for applying concealer:

– Apply it directly to the dark circle and the inner and outer corners of the eye.

– Create a V shape under the lower eyelid for effective coverage.

Choose the application method that works best for you!

5. Highlighter, Bronzer, or Blush: Which One to Choose?

Many people feel overwhelmed by the variety of complexion products available. Here are some basic guidelines to help you make the right choices:

Highlighter, a product to brighten the complexion:

Used to brighten the complexion with a subtle, pearly finish, highlighter comes in powder or cream form. Typically applied to the nose bridge, cupid’s bow, or the upper eyelids.

Blush, a product for tired complexions:

Blush is the perfect ally for rejuvenating a tired complexion. It also works well to revive a dull foundation. Blush is blended outward from the face and applied to the cheekbone.

Bronzer, for a faux sun-kissed complexion:

Bronzer is applied to the raised areas of the face where the sun naturally hits. To use, take a large brush and sweep it over your cheekbones, forehead, or chin.

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