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Six Ways to Combat Wrinkles

“Because there are various factors responsible for premature skin aging, identifying them and taking steps to avoid them help preserve the skin’s suppleness and strength. Adopting a healthy diet, reducing alcohol intake, drinking more water, increasing sleep hours, and managing stress are simple ways to combat wrinkles and fine lines.”

And what if the secret to having beautiful, wrinkle-free skin was to preserve it from a young age? Faced with the following six recommendations for maintaining the beauty and health of the skin, we conclude that good habits always work to preserve skin firmness!

First, the goal is healthy skin

Beautiful skin is partly the result of what you eat. Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables provides the skin with antioxidants and vitamins that help maintain its beauty. For even more benefits, add antioxidant-rich dietary supplements, such as vitamins A, C, and E, to your diet. Others rich in zinc, manganese, copper, fatty acids, and selenium also work to maintain skin health.

Sun: Beware of danger!

Yes, we love to enjoy sunny days, but we also shouldn’t forget to protect ourselves from UV rays. Because the sun is the skin’s sworn enemy. While it gives us a nice tan and a bronzed complexion after vacation, the sun is not without danger. The more your epidermis is exposed to UV rays, the more you damage your skin’s health. Nowadays, we have even learned that too frequent and prolonged sun exposure, especially on the face, creates harmful free radicals for skin cells, as they cause premature cell death. Whenever possible, the best way to protect your skin from aging is to stay in the shade whenever you can!

Embrace Facial Massages!

Facial massages are easy to do and have proven their effectiveness. Massaging your face helps relax its muscles and smoothen your features. It is recommended for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Here are the right moves: for forehead wrinkles, make repeated movements from the center of the forehead to the temples. For wrinkles between the eyebrows, make light movements from the nostrils to the jawbone; then go from the corners of the lips to the jawbone, and finish by moving from the center of the chin to the jawbone. If you have crow’s feet, make small circles all around each eye, taking care to be gentle because the skin doesn’t like rough treatment!

A Zen Lifestyle to Avoid Premature Aging!

There’s no need to tell you that stress doesn’t bring any benefits to the skin! It makes the body tense, promotes irritation, tenses the body, and can even cause headaches. And the skin suffers heavy consequences because it develops stretch marks, and expression lines form. With age, these will settle permanently and become increasingly difficult to make disappear. To fight them, there are, of course, innovative cosmetics with tempting promises, but it would be even better to combine them with a stress-free lifestyle.

Stop Fatigue

Fatigue that shows on the face also affects the skin. To remedy this as soon as possible, treat yourself to a restful sleep. While you sleep, your skin gets a break and relaxes. Cells also take advantage of this time to regenerate from the aggressions they suffered during the day. To accompany your sleep regimen, use an innovative nighttime treatment that has skin repair properties and a texture that won’t suffocate your skin.

No to Alcohol and a Big Yes to Water

Drinking plenty of water hydrates the skin cells, which is beneficial for the skin. On the other hand, there’s nothing worse for your complexion than alcohol. Besides dulling it, alcohol is responsible for couperose and also promotes premature skin aging. Indeed, alcohol molecules burst blood vessels and create a network of broken capillaries.

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