Vernis VS rouges à lèvres

Lipstick Widely Outpaced by Nail Polish

“Nail polish has become an indispensable tool to make your nails look splendid. Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s for work or a night out, nothing beats applying nail polish to make your hands more attractive. Furthermore, it has become an art form in its own right and has gained so much importance that it has supplanted lipstick in our beauty routines!”

Nail polish has taken the place of lipstick on the shelves of perfumeries as well as in the hearts of women. This can be explained by the fact that it transforms our nails into true fashion accessories. But how did nail polish experience such a rise in popularity? You will find the answers in the following lines.

The Rise of the ‘Nailista,’ a Rapid Ascension of a Lifestyle Centered Around Nail Polish

The world of beauty has undergone an impressive transformation thanks to the emergence of the ‘Nailista.’ The evidence lies in the continuously rising sales figures of nail polish, and even the Nailistas (those whose lives revolve around nail polish) now have their own neologism. In 2010, a 30% increase in nail polish sales was observed in France. The increase was even more significant for Chanel, with a 77% increase during the same period. Even in 2014, sales figures indicated a 17% jump. The phenomenon has grown so significant that Yves Saint Laurent named its latest lipstick ‘Vernis à Lèvres’ (lip varnish). According to Leonard Lauder, heir to the Lauder cosmetics empire, the main reason for the rise of the Nailista is the crisis. According to his statement to a Times journalist in 2007, “Nail polish is the new lipstick!” He even added that nail polish would withstand the crisis and has gained importance in recent years. It’s not surprising, then, that women opt for nail polish over lipstick and allocate the majority of their cosmetic budget to it.

An Accessible and Easy-to-Wear Product for Everyone

Nail polish remains an easy-to-wear item in daily life. That’s why its sales continue to rise. Today, fluorescent nail polish is more discreet than a burgundy smile. Nail polish is currently the most affordable cosmetic. Mascara is more expensive now because nail polish is often the entry-level product for cosmetic brands. It’s an effective way for brands to attract a younger clientele. Nail polish has become a desirable item, chosen based on the latest trends in colors. It has become the equivalent of the seasonal handbag. According to Chanel, the brand that sold 1 out of every 2 nail polishes in France between August 2010 and August 2011, some colors have become genuine fashion phenomena, just like ‘it’ bags. The ‘Particulière’ nail polish created by the brand is one of these phenomena.

A Rare Product to Collect Quickly

Currently, nail polishes have become true collectible items, with limited editions being highly sought after by Nailistas. Made in small quantities, it can sometimes be difficult to find these precious shades. They are only available in select stores, and only the leading brands in the market, such as OPI, offer them. It’s worth noting that OPI is the global leader in professional nail products. It has been present in France for several years and has capitalized on the trend of limited editions over the past three years by producing four mini-collections per year. The brand also creates between 60 and 85 colors each year, allowing Nailistas to enjoy approximately 240 shades.

A Market Perfectly Adapting to the Desires of Nailistas

Cosmetic brands are making every effort to meet the needs of Nailistas. Various improvements have been made to meet your expectations: more ergonomic brushes, flat or beveled, to apply the nail polish in the center of the nail without any overflow. Additionally, drying time has been shortened while providing longer-lasting results. OPI recently launched GelColor, a new product that lasts for 15 days, much to the delight of nail polish lovers. Furthermore, celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp even created a kind of foundation for nails, which is none other than a protective sand-colored nail polish.

An Extraordinary Art Form

Becoming a full-fledged art form, the art of decorating nails or ‘nail art’ has been embraced by major fashion houses. For several seasons, Yves Saint Laurent, for example, has suggested colored duos and cracked nails. Lancôme has adorned its designs with two-tone geometric patterns. Additionally, the fashion house Agnès b. launched a nail polish collection called ‘mini b,’ dedicated to ‘nail art.'”

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