Quelle méthode d’épilation choisir pour prendre soin de sa peau durant l’été ?

What hair removal method to choose to take care of your skin during the summer?

“When summer arrives, you face a prickly question: How to get rid of your body hair? One thing is certain, if you’re not a professional cyclist or a swimmer, there’s no need to go completely hairless. However, when the season of sun-filled getaways approaches, it’s essential to eliminate the hair. Razor, hot wax, or electric epilation, the choice must be made!”

When the summer season arrives, we immediately think of the beach and the pool. There’s no more hiding bikini lines, armpits, or legs covered in unsightly hair. It’s time for perfect hair removal. Razor, wax, Halawa, electric device, depilatory cream… Everything to look flawless.

The pursuit of ‘hairlessness’ has been around for millennia. Our ancestors considered smooth skin as a beauty standard. But while in the past, hair removal was only a concern for women in affluent circles, today it concerns women of all walks of life. Hair removal centers abound in our cities, and choosing the right method is crucial. Let’s take a look at what’s available in the world of hair removal.

Why opt for hair removal?

Summer reveals our bodies, and clothing becomes lighter. How can you best prepare to look beautiful and confident before the arrival of sunny days? Discover our practical tips for a beautiful vacation. The sun and warm days are coming, and whether we like it or not, each of us is more or less compelled to pay more attention to our bodies and appearance to look our best in a swimsuit.

We have prepared a list of practical and useful tips for you to arrive in great shape and perfectly groomed for your first encounter with the beautiful days, the sun, and the sea…

Hair removal techniques

The hair removal process is a source of many concerns for women. Hair removal is the solution to this problem. Which method to choose: temporary or permanent? Find out everything about hair removal. Almost our entire body is covered in hair… surprising when you consider that the forehead is one of the most densely covered areas in terms of hair follicles. Fortunately, most of the hair that covers our body is fine, light, and therefore invisible. But some of this hair is indeed visible and a source of concern for many women.

Fortunately, ongoing research in this field continues to provide us with increasingly effective short- or long-term solutions, more or less painful to meet everyone’s needs. The world of hair removal can be divided into two main categories: temporary hair removal and permanent hair removal, which we will discuss in more detail.

Razor, for those in a hurry

For those who don’t have much time for hair removal, the razor is the ideal method. Quick and easy, in the shower, you apply a layer of shaving foam or a bit of soap to help the razor glide smoothly over the skin. After drying off, you should apply a moisturizing cream to soothe any potential irritations. Your skin will be smooth in no time.

The only drawback to this scenario is regrowth. With this method, you are almost obligated to shave every two days, or even every day for those with fast-growing hair.

Hot wax, for optimal effectiveness

Hot wax is used for hair removal on the armpits, legs, and bikini area. Applied to the skin with a wooden spatula or a roll-on (which continuously dispenses wax), the wax is pulled off in one swift motion, opposite to the direction of hair growth, once it has dried. The hair is pulled out from the root. This method is very effective because the heat opens the pores of the skin, allowing for optimal hair removal.

Unfortunately, this method should be avoided by those with circulation problems or varicose veins. The heat can often cause small hematomas by dilating the blood vessels. Additionally, for smooth skin, you have to wait for the hair to reach about 5 mm in length before waxing. Not ideal for summer! For enthusiasts, keep in mind that waxing and sun exposure don’t mix well, as indelible black spots can appear.

Halawa, a return to tradition

Made from sugar, water, and lemon, this natural wax forms a brown caramel ball. It is applied inch by inch to the entire area to be waxed.

How to do it? Take several handfuls of sugar cubes, half a glass of water, and heat it all up. When the caramel turns brown, add a few drops of lemon and dip the mixture in cold water. Then, form a medium-sized caramel ball that you apply to the area to be waxed. The ball should be pulled off abruptly for the best results.

Halawa is a traditional method that only uses natural ingredients. It leaves the skin smooth but, it must be admitted, not as smooth as hot wax.

Electric epilation, for cost-effectiveness

Quick to use, electric epilators are also cost-effective because they pay for themselves quickly. For those devoted to this method, know that the latest generation of electric epilators boasts ingenuity and efficiency.

Two systems are available on the market: one that shaves the hair and one that pulls it out. In the latter case, approximately two and a half weeks of smooth hair is promised by electric epilator manufacturers. Less painful than the first generation of epilators, they have also been designed to reach areas such as the armpits and bikini lines. Moreover, electric epilators have the advantage of capturing even the shortest hairs at the root, which is not the case with waxing. However, this method can sometimes cause bumps on sensitive skin due to the risk of hair regrowth beneath the skin.

Depilatory cream, for smooth skin

As quick as a razor but with slower regrowth – about a week before you start noticing the first hairs poking through. The principle: the alkaline ingredients in these creams destroy the hair at the root and its deeper envelope by attacking its keratin. The latest generation contains even more soothing and softening agents, particularly recommended for sensitive skin. As an added bonus, after rinsing and drying, apply half a lemon to the waxed skin. The juice counteracts the aggressive effects of the cream’s formula, preventing redness.

   Which Hair Removal Method Suits You  

After listing these different methods, if you’re still unsure which one to follow, no problem. We offer you a customized ‘menu’ to target your unwanted hair. When nothing seems to work… make your choice.

   You are… blonde or light brown with fine hair  

Lucky you!! Your hair is limited to your legs, armpits, and bikini line. And even then, the hair is fine, nothing like that of brunettes. However, even though they are fine, they are still visible. The solution? Hot wax, of course. Adhering to it all year round, this uncompromising discipline eventually triumphs over the hair. Indeed, after a few months, the hair follicle becomes finer and disappears. You become almost hairless in the waxed areas. Mission accomplished.

   You are… brunette with a tendency for hairiness  

Hmm… Not easy. Arms, thighs, bikini lines, face… They’re everywhere! And your hair stubbornly infiltrates where it shouldn’t.

The solution? Halawa hair removal. A return to traditional methods is necessary for top efficiency. For those who haven’t received the education of a Queen of Sheba, some institutes offer this method based on 100% natural ingredients. Its advantage? The ball, as it passes over the body, captures even very short hairs in its caramel without pain and especially without any redness.

   You are… a girl with sensitive skin  

Scars, ingrown hairs, pimples under the skin… You have it all! Excess keratin is the main culprit. It clogs the surface of the skin on your legs and bikini line. The hair then gets “trapped” under the skin and becomes infected.

No matter what you do: waxing, electric razor… nothing works; it’s a nightmare.

The solution? Laser hair removal. Too expensive? If you can’t afford the ten sessions needed to be hair-free, invest in at least two sessions.

Immediate result: the hairs won’t be eradicated, but your skin will regain exceptional quality. No more pimples, marks, or scars… You can return to your preferred hair removal method while saving up to finish the laser treatment.

   Permanent Hair Removal  

For all those who want to get rid of their hair radically, there are two techniques: electric hair removal and laser.

–    Electric hair removal   :

This is a technique that involves passing a discharge through a small needle with a mini electrode that is slid along each hair. Electric hair removal destroys the hair bulb. After that, there can be no regrowth. The method is lengthy because in one session, only a small area can be treated, and there is still a risk of scarring.

–    Laser   :

It produces a beam of light absorbed by the hair. Once touched, the hair and its bulb are destroyed. This method is particularly effective on fair-skinned people with black hair.

For medium or dark-skinned individuals, a new generation of lasers, equipped with a constantly cooled tip to prevent skin burns, promises good effectiveness.

For blondes and redheads, hairs that are too light do not stop the light beam. Electric hair removal remains their only solution. However, be aware that the laser is sensitive to sunlight. If you’re exposed during treatment, the risk of depigmentation is almost certain.

The laser produces surprising and spectacular results. However, the choice of a dermatologist is crucial. The scheduling of sessions must take into account the life cycle of each hair. It’s not about doing ten sessions in ten months. Otherwise, the effectiveness will inevitably be lower. The professionalism of the doctor is crucial.

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