Les françaises vieillissent-elles mieux que les autres ?

Do French women age better than others?

Over the years, French women have earned quite a reputation for themselves. Slim, elegant, spontaneous, sophisticated, and fond of good food, an English study even goes so far as to suggest that they age better compared to other women. Indeed, foreigners find them incredibly charming, with a sense of effortless yet classy style. Is this a true observation or just a legend?

Some people often say that French women are both elegant, sophisticated, and blessed with slender figures. Additionally, a British study has shown that French women age better than others.

The eternal youth of French women

French women are known for their charms. They have this chic and casual side that is uniquely theirs. According to a report from a leading e-shop in the beauty and wellness industry, a French woman ages better compared to her counterparts in neighboring countries. According to a study published in Telegraph, a 40-year-old French woman looks younger than her British counterpart. According to this site, the former appears to be 7 years younger than the latter. Furthermore, 89% of the English women surveyed by Escentual.com noted that French women aged gracefully.

These results force us to question the basis of this study. What criteria were used to arrive at this result? Did the researchers focus on appearance, skin hydration, and wrinkles? These questions remain unanswered. However, the website does provide some answers. According to the latter, French women start using anti-aging products as early as their fifteenth year, while British women only start using them around the age of 25, an age when signs of aging are already starting to appear.

To take care of their skin, French women tend to opt for “eau précieuse” and “Biactol.” Despite being fans of cosmetic products, they only begin using the first anti-aging treatments around the ages of 25 to 30.

“Do French women age better?” Questions are often raised following this statement:

  • Is it due to skincare?
  • Are products the only factors contributing to aging well?
  • What does the term “aging well” or “aging better” mean?

Emma Leslie, an expert who contributed to this study, assures us that successful aging depends on the care and maintenance we provide for our skin. Our lifestyle and daily habits also play a major role in our aging process. “Slathering” ourselves with serums and treatments, as effective as they may be, is not the sole foundation for “healthy aging.

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