Je prépare ma peau pour le soleil

6 Tips and Tricks for Preparing Your Skin for the Sun

“The sun is timidly showing its face, and temperatures are gradually rising. Good for both health and mood, the sun can help the body absorb certain vitamins. To make the most of it during the summer, it’s essential to prepare your skin beforehand. For your well-being, opt for natural methods over chemical products.”

Summer is just a few weeks away, and you can already imagine yourself by the beach or poolside sipping on a colorful cocktail! To fully enjoy the sunny days, did you know that it’s essential to follow a preliminary step? That step is preparing your skin. After the harshness of the winter season, your skin needs to recover and adapt to the changes. Here are 6 tips and tricks to welcome the sun properly.

1. Foods Rich in Antioxidants, Your Skin’s Allies

It’s essential to incorporate a diet rich in antioxidants to avoid harsh effects on the skin. These foods are crucial for combating cell oxidation caused by free radicals. They protect the organic molecules present in the body and strengthen the skin’s barrier. White beans, blueberries, beets, carrots, and tomatoes are all foods rich in antioxidants. Whether in smoothies, juices, or raw, they help hydrate the body while protecting the skin.

2. Load Up on Vitamins

A well-balanced diet should be sufficient to prepare your skin for the sun. However, if you plan to spend extended periods in the sun, a small vitamin supplement may be necessary. A few days before sun exposure, supplements containing vitamins E and C are particularly recommended. Some brands even offer supplements specifically designed for tanning.

3. Opt for Dietary Supplements

A course of dietary supplements is essential to replenish the skin with fatty acids and protect it from UV rays (ultraviolet). There are two types: astaxanthin and urucum.

   – Astaxanthin, an antioxidant found in microalgae:This reddish or pinkish natural pigment is part of the carotenoid family. It helps block the harmful effects of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the risk of sunburn. Astaxanthin is available in the form of dietary supplements in health food stores.

   – Urucum, a plant rich in beta-carotene: Originating from the Amazon, this antioxidant-rich plant is full of beta-carotene. In addition to promoting natural tanning, it enhances melanin production in the skin. It can be applied externally as a powder mixed with organic vegetable oil or consumed internally in capsule form as a dietary supplement.

4. Radiant Skin with Carrot Macerate!

Carrots, rich in beta-carotene, are known for giving a radiant complexion. So, don’t hesitate to include them in your diet. You can also use them in the form of oil, known as carrot macerate. This component results from soaking carrots in vegetable oil.

 The macerate is applied to the skin as a protective oil. Whether used on its own or combined with sweet orange essential oil or apricot kernel oil, it is highly effective. To prepare your skin, you can use it for fifteen days before the summer season. This miraculous oil has the advantage of providing a natural self-tanning effect and deeply hydrating the skin.

5. Take It Step by Step!

Coming out of winter, your skin needs to acclimate to the heat. To avoid overexposing it, take it slowly. During the first few days, gradually expose yourself to the sun. Also, avoid staying in the sun for too long and try to avoid the hottest hours of the day. It’s important to note that the sun’s rays are particularly intense from 12 to 2 pm.

 If you plan to go on vacation, consider exposing yourself a few days before your departure. Start going out in the late afternoon or during lunchtime when UV rays are gentler. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen suitable for your skin type to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6. Adjust Your Beauty Routine

To properly protect your body and face from UV rays, sunscreen is essential. To maintain your skin’s suppleness, moisturize it in the morning and evening. When it comes to treatments, stop using harsh exfoliating products. If you’re someone who exfoliates weekly, try to space out your sessions. Above all, prioritize homemade exfoliants as they are gentle and natural.

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