Le fruit du jacquier, la nouvelle star des tables

Jackfruit, the New Star of the Dining Table

Known as ‘Uru tataroni,’ jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world that grows on a tree. Resembling a giant breadfruit, this fruit is unique in its ability to grow directly on the large branches and trunk of the tree. Originating from Bangladesh and India, jackfruit comes in various varieties. In addition to its particularly distinct flavors, it boasts several health benefits.

Jackfruit is a fruit that is still relatively unknown but is gaining increasing recognition. Originating from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and Reunion Island, the jackfruit is also cultivated in Madagascar. Whether consumed cooked or raw, the ‘ti’jacques’ is highly sought after due to its nutritional virtues. Its richness in minerals, fiber, and B vitamins (B3, B6, B9) has made it the new star on dining tables.

A Unique Fruit with Multiple Health Benefits

Taking on an oval shape, the jackfruit is known for its white or yellow flesh. Edible and slightly sweet, its seeds have a starchy flavor. It is cooked as a vegetable when unripe, but when fully ripe, it is consumed as a fruit. This tropical fruit is ideal for helping the body combat diseases and fatigue. With low fat and no cholesterol, 100 grams of ‘Uru tataroni’ represent 95 calories. In addition to warding off bacteria and viruses, jackfruit also protects the body against infections.

How to Eat It?

Jackfruit can be eaten as is, grated, or raw. It is also enjoyed in fruit salads as bite-sized pieces. Fried or boiled, ‘ti’jacques’ finds its place on the table, either on its own or mixed with other vegetables. Served with chicken, it’s a real delight. So, try this recipe to savor it:

  • Saute an onion with two garlic cloves in a pan until they turn golden.
  • Add a few pieces of chicken.
  • Season with soy sauce, ginger, curry, salt, and pepper.
  • Add jackfruit and coconut milk.
  • Let it all cook for thirty minutes. Serve hot with rice, and enjoy!

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