Ce qu’il faudra avoir dans votre valise avant de partir à la maternité

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag Before Going to the Maternity Ward

“Is the birth of your little one approaching? That’s great, but to avoid any surprises, you should plan ahead for the hospital bag you’ll be taking with you and choose the right items and clothing, and most importantly, don’t overpack it!”

The first thing we recommend is to travel light because there’s a good chance you’ll only be at the hospital for a maximum of 5 days. Furthermore, your family and your partner can always bring you any accessories you might need. However, to save you from bothering them, we have prepared a list of items you might need during your stay at the maternity ward.

What to prepare for the baby?

Depending on the expected size of your baby, based on the various ultrasounds you may have had previously, you’ll need to choose clothing in either one-month size or newborn size. If you’re on a tight budget, consider baby pajamas or onesies for a one-month-old. Also, adjust the length of sleeves according to the current season, for instance, you wouldn’t make your baby wear long sleeves in the middle of summer. Prefer clothing with snaps for easy diaper changes and opt for outfits made of natural materials like cotton. Materials like acrylic should be avoided as a newborn’s delicate skin may not tolerate them.

Some additional tips

Here are various tips we provide to ensure your baby looks adorable from the moment of birth, and for you to feel beautiful even at the hospital.

How to make your baby look cute from the start

To make your baby look cute from the start, find out the average number of days your maternity ward keeps mothers. Then, add 2 more days, and you’ll be able to roughly determine the number of clothes to bring. Also, go for the most charming and adorable outfits you have on hand to have the most adorable infant in the hospital.

Treat yourself and look beautiful

After the birth of their babies, some mothers like to wear loose-fitting clothing, while others prefer more fitted garments. So, it’s up to you to make your choice, keeping in mind that the most important thing is to treat yourself and look beautiful, even if you’re in the hospital.

One final piece of advice on this point: don’t forget to bring beauty products. It’s always pleasant to hear compliments like “you look stunning!” during the visits that will increase after childbirth.

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