Grossesse et travail

Pregnant and Working

“How to reconcile your pregnancy with your professional responsibilities. Expecting at work: our advice for taking charge!”

You’ve received the good news – you’re pregnant! It’s a joyous occasion, but you might still feel a little apprehensive about your professional life. Like any modern woman, you have a job that you love, and your career is important to you. We’re here to offer you advice on staying mentally and physically well while managing your work responsibilities.

Staying Fit at Work

It takes a physically demanding and exhausting job to pose a real risk of premature birth. So, no need to panic if your professional life is rather hectic. During pregnancy, it’s more about avoiding a cumulative state of extreme fatigue.

However, pregnancy is a time when a woman is much more fragile, both physically and mentally. It’s the ideal moment to take a step back and take care of yourself. Always keep in mind that the well-being of your baby should come first, even before your work. Your pregnancy takes priority if you must make a pivotal choice to look after yourself.

To stay energized throughout the day, don’t skimp on breakfast. Have a substantial breakfast, mainly consisting of cereals, bread, and dairy products. A little butter and jam are allowed.

During your commutes, try to avoid rush hours by negotiating alternative or shorter schedules. You can also request a seat. Avoid staying in the same position for too long.

Drink plenty of water, about a liter and a half per day. Opt for water that is rich in magnesium if you have constipation issues. Be cautious with stimulating beverages like tea or coffee; don’t have more than two cups a day.

After lunch, take a short break, and it’s even advisable to have a short nap to recharge your energy.

Remember to elevate your legs and relieve your back by alternating between a rounded and arched back.

Feeling Good in My Mind

Do you feel like people are looking at you differently now that you’re pregnant and showing?

Well, that’s the reality, not just your impression. Your colleagues’ looks indeed change. It’s normal and natural for people to be more considerate towards a pregnant woman. Pregnancy generally elicits warmth and tenderness from others towards you. Your colleagues may also have concerns about the new work arrangements when you’re on maternity leave. To avoid bothering your colleagues, try not to complain incessantly. Don’t ask for the impossible or great favors. Don’t use your pregnancy as an excuse every time. Try to stay focused and engaged in your work.

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