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How does maternal instinct manifest itself ?

“With the evolution of society, most women are becoming less inclined to have a child. Indeed, maternal instinct is a topic that’s on everyone’s lips nowadays. Some women acquire it naturally, while others develop it over time. Get informed now to help prepare for the arrival of a baby.”

An important question arises: “Are all women endowed with maternal instinct, this natural urge to become or be a mother?” Some feel this sentiment less, but for others, it’s spontaneous. Maternal instinct is defined as the sensitivity to be a mother, whether it is acquired or innate. It’s an emotional drive towards children and the need to care for them. It’s important to note that the absence of such a feeling could result from the consequences of past experiences, the mother-child relationship during pregnancy, the emotional behaviors of parents, and especially upbringing. Giving birth to a baby doesn’t necessarily oblige us to love them or have all the means to take care of them. It’s more of an unconscious or conscious choice. Furthermore, in case of difficulties, it’s always possible to adapt to the situation.

Women who are not naturally ready to be mothers

Society conditions women to become mothers once they reach adulthood. Babysitting or playing with Barbie dolls are means that seem effective in awakening the mother within us from childhood. Nevertheless, social environment and upbringing are not always sufficient to determine if a woman has maternal instinct or not. Even if some women are very enthusiastic at the sight of tiny mittens, stuffed animals, cribs, or newborns, others show disgust or no emotion at all. We should not blame them. Because those who do not immediately feel wonder at the sight of a baby need to be patient. It’s worth noting that most of these women are generally worried, anxious… Sometimes fear is what holds them back, or they even feel guilty for not having maternal instinct.

The best initiation is the arrival of a baby

Women who had no emotional response to an adorable baby will need to wait until the birth of their own child to become familiar with and adjust to the concept of motherhood. From the moment their baby is born, they can perfectly adapt to the images they had in mind of their little one before their birth. According to Donald Winnicott, an English pediatric psychiatrist, to understand this feeling, a mother needs to experience being a mother. For this, she must have intimate contact with her baby: seek to get to know and recognize their smell. He emphasizes that to provide all the love the baby needs, a mother has an obligation to respond to all their physiological needs. The more she knows about her child, the more confidence she will regain in herself.

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