Astuces pour mater un homme macho

How to Tame a Macho and Jealous Man

Because your man is too macho and too jealous, you might think you need to consult a specialist to harmonize your relationship. Try these 10 tips first, and you’ll see how much your man can change.

Looking from the outside, your man seems perfect. However, his macho characteristics sometimes make your relationship unbearable. The following 10 tips will certainly help you turn your macho lover into a gentle and pleasant partner.

Help Him Regain Confidence in You

   Some men are paranoid and always find something suspicious about their partner. To remedy this, be relaxed with him to help him regain confidence in you, but don’t spoil him. Be straightforward and honest when you talk to him.

Demonstrate Your Intelligence

   If your man is one of those who believe they are smarter than women, present statistics to make him recognize your capabilities, whether intellectually or in daily life.

   For example: prove to him that women are not necessarily bad at driving as he thinks. Also, remind him of the high school graduation statistics: 82% of girls passed compared to 78% of boys. Ask him why companies like ‘La Compagnie des femmes’ or ‘3A Madame’ prefer to insure women. And, if necessary, take an IQ test together.

Keep Surprising Him

   Do you notice that your man never compliments you? That’s because he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. The solution? Amaze him!

   No matter what you do, even if it’s a favor for him, he doesn’t praise you. You need to make him acknowledge your skills. For example, ask your best friend to compliment you in front of him. You will see that after that, he won’t stop praising you for all the good things you do.

Involve Him in Household Chores

   By sitting on the couch while you do the housework, your man shows selfishness that you need to combat. Even if he has never participated in household chores at his parents’ home, make him understand that it’s different in a relationship.

   Start with simpler tasks at first, like cleaning windows, for example. Then, teach him how to vacuum. After a few weeks, he will become independent in the kitchen, starting with cooking frozen meals. He can also do the grocery shopping, perhaps online to start with.

Show Him Independence

   Don’t let him decide everything in your relationship; he is your partner, not your father. He even wants to decide what you should wear to go out with him, or monopolize the TV. Make him understand that there is a certain limit not to be crossed. If you persist in your choices, your Macho man will no longer assert himself as before.

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