Tous ne sont pas heureux en couple

Not everyone is happy in a relationship

Living in a couple may seem like a way to face life, away from worries. However, a study has confirmed that some people are not happy living in a relationship. The majority of those affected by this study indicated that they feel more fulfilled by remaining single. Let’s see why people living solo manage well without having someone by their side!

A researcher from the University of Auckland in New Zealand has highlighted the fact that being in a couple does not necessarily make everyone happy. According to a study she conducted, people who fear conflicts thrive much more when they are single.

Happier being single than in a relationship

People who enjoy being alone can take comfort in this. Yuthika Girme, the researcher from the University of Auckland, claims that singles can find happiness just as much as people in relationships. Their temperament plays a crucial role, according to Yuthika Girme’s statement in the press release presenting her study. Most studies show that single people are less happy than those in relationships. However, this situation is not necessarily true for everyone. It is essential to know that singles can also lead a fulfilling life.

This study involved more than 4,000 New Zealanders aged 18 to 94. These individuals were divided into two categories: those who are not afraid of the ups and downs of life and those who generally avoid conflicts. The result was surprising, as people who fear conflicts find their happiness in being ‘alone’ rather than ‘in a couple.’ Indeed, being single avoids the anxiety generated by disputes. On the other hand, people who are not afraid of the highs and lows of a relationship admitted to being happier when they are with someone.

Singledom, a trend in the West

Is being single a lifestyle choice? According to Dominique Lefèvre, a psychologist interviewed by Atlantico, it has become a way of life with several advantages nowadays. Singleness in developed countries is seen as a form of freedom from the powers of action in a couple, such as household chores, duties towards children, and shared emotions. These practical advantages come with a certain comfort!

Indeed, single people benefit from making decisions alone without considering the opinion of another person to whom they are emotionally committed. The life of a couple prevents the choice of activities that suit us; some may improve emotionally… but the relationship only works in the absence of material problems. Such a situation often arises in large cities. There is concern for the other person, but also concern for oneself. However, it is this self-concern that seems to persuade more and more individuals. In the United States, over half of adults are single. According to the figures from INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) in 2014, 39.4% of individuals over the age of 15 claim to be single, 8.1% divorced, and 7.4% widowed, compared to 45% who are married. Over half of Parisians reportedly live alone, which benefits the ‘dating apps’ even more.

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