Est-il possible d’aimer 2 hommes en même temps ?

Is it possible to love two men at the same time?

“Here are confessions from several women who have had relationships with two men simultaneously. These revelations might make some of you ponder, especially regarding your perception of a committed relationship.”

Our conception of love changes when we already have strong feelings for one man. But what if you love two men at the same time? Certainly, this can put us in a delicate situation, especially when we have to choose between staying with our partner and choosing the man who has just entered our life!

Is a two-person life suitable for all women?

We have always been taught that to be happy, a person must seek and find their better half, the one predestined to be their soulmate. However, this is not the case for some women, as even if they had planned to build their life with one person, they can act differently along the way.

For example, when asked, 27-year-old Audrey confessed that it is unpredictable, and when it happened to her, she couldn’t handle the situation. She also emphasized that she is sure she loves both men, even though she remains very confused. But even if everything is not clear for her yet, Audrey takes the situation with a smile and nonchalance!

So, it depends on the woman involved. She may enjoy a two-person life or prefer to have two different men in her life.

The Secret: Necessary When Dating Two Men

If being in a romantic relationship with two men is already a challenge, experiencing two passions simultaneously is quite an achievement. However, if the situation arises, you have only two options to come out with minimal damage. Either you choose only one, or you keep both. Yes, it is entirely possible to love two people at the same time, even though comparing the intensity of feelings can be challenging.

For example, Anita, 32 years old, faced this situation. She met Franck while already dating Tony, 34 years old, and did not want to make a choice. It has been almost a year now that she has been with Franck, for whom she has very strong feelings, while still loving her partner Tony!

To avoid complications, she naturally kept this relationship a secret, as she knows what could happen if both men were aware of the situation.

Why not an Honest Relationship?

Mitia, 28 years old, is different. She admitted to both men she is involved with that she cares about both of them and that to be with her, they would have to accept the situation as it is. With a smile, she asserted that she was happy this way and fortunate to be with two men who understand her. Of course, she had moments of doubt before reaching this point. But with a lot of understanding from her two men and patience, she got what she wanted. Moreover, her two men were able to overcome their apprehension over time, and despite friction, they continued their relationship as a ‘trio’ in peace!

So, is it necessary to choose or not?

According to Ranja, 37 years old, it is not necessary at all to make a choice between the two men, especially immediately. She encourages women to take their time to think carefully because, according to her, hastily made decisions will be deeply regretted. Ranja also affirms that every woman is free not to make a choice if they need two men in their life. ‘Enjoy life to the fullest because we only live once,’ she adds with a smile!

In conclusion, avoid rushing into decisions if you ever find yourself in such a situation, and you will see that things will work themselves out.

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