Tout sur l’homme sagittaire et les femmes

All about the Sagittarius man and women

The Sagittarius man is someone who loves to conquer hearts and knows how to take the lead when it comes to seduction. Once he knows that his beloved has fallen for him, he is ready to do everything to maintain the exciting and adventurous nature of the relationship. With him, you will never get bored, as he is one of the signs that knows how to keep the passion of the early days alive!

Born under the fire astrological sign, the Sagittarius man has everything to make ladies swoon. Born between November 22 and December 20, he is always in a good mood, honest, spontaneous, and direct. Do you have feelings for a Sagittarius man? Expect to experience great adventures with him!

The type of woman who makes his heart skip a beat

The Sagittarius man is attracted to sporty women who are capable of going on a big hike at a moment’s notice. Due to his adventurous nature, he fantasizes about a girl who is not afraid of sleeping under the stars. In short, he needs a partner who is mentally strong. If she wants to follow him on his journeys, it’s better that her suitcase is not too heavy to carry.

The type of women who scare him off

Snobbish women who have a meltdown if they have to go out without a perfect hairstyle or faint at the sight of a spider are not suitable for the Sagittarius man. It’s also a no-go with gloomy women who are obsessed with their problems and can’t even have fun. Similarly, complainers who are never satisfied won’t stand a chance. And he won’t be interested in sexually obsessed women whose demands may overwhelm him.

The ideal profile of the woman he will marry

The Sagittarius man is looking for a woman who is deeply honest and won’t play games with her feelings or his. A bonus would be a certain level of culture and impeccable manners. She should also be open-minded enough to understand that the Sagittarius man is more conventional than he appears.

So, if you’re interested in a Sagittarius man, be ready for exciting adventures and honesty in your relationship!

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