Les menus préférés des français en hiver

Favorite French Winter Dishes

“It’s hard to overlook these dishes that bring pleasure to the French, especially during the winter. How have these dishes managed to rank as the most beloved recipes in France? Here, we provide you with the reasons that continue to make these dishes favorites among the French.”

According to a 2011 Sofres study, veal blanquette, duck breast, leg of lamb, moules-frites (mussels and fries), stuffed tomatoes, and raclette are at the top of the list of favorite dishes among the French. And that’s not likely to change, regardless of the season. Hearty and fulfilling, these are traditional dishes that are easy to prepare and perfect for winter meals.

Reasons for such success

These are dishes that simmer for a long time, and their flavors become more pronounced when reheated. A great excuse to host a nice family or friends’ meal over the weekend! Easy to store and freeze, they are ideal for those who don’t have much time for cooking.

What accompaniments to choose for these dishes?

Hearty and substantial, these dishes are well-suited for winter meals. You can pair them with a soup as a starter and a light dairy-based dessert or fruit for the finish. This is recommended if you want to avoid overindulging or having bread as a side. However, it’s essential to remember that a balanced diet is not determined by a single meal but over the course of a week. So why should you forgo a cassoulet or a pot-au-feu?

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