Some Flirting Lessons for the Shy Ones

“With the evolution of society, flirting is no longer simple. It becomes even more challenging if you are shy. The few pieces of advice we are about to give you will surely help you overcome your shyness and face the inevitable. Don’t miss out on happiness because your shyness might hinder you if you don’t take the right steps.”

Aggressive flirting is out of fashion these days. Men are more intrigued by a subtle and discreet approach. It is entirely possible to flirt even if you are the shyest person on the planet. If you feel that your shyness holds you back, read the following tips, and you’ll see that flirting has never been easier.

Blush to Capture Men’s Interest

If you are extremely shy but want to flirt, don’t hesitate to show your emotions and blush. Men find women who blush charming. If you’re shy but want to flirt, avoid saying, “I was embarrassed to blush all the time” or even thinking about it. You should know that most men appreciate the innocent and bashful aspect of women who blush. This blush signals to the person you’re interested in that you are smitten but still in control.

Use an Intermediary to Get Closer to Him

You want to have a drink with him, but you don’t know him well enough? Get in touch with an intermediary to invite him to a party. Feel free to chat with his nearsighted and bald friend, who seems approachable; things will naturally unfold. Just tell him that there’s a party happening, but it’s going to be short of guys, and he’ll get the message.

Ask for Help by Pretending to Have a Technical Issue

You want to flirt, but shyness holds you back? Simulate a technical issue to lure him into your web. Every day, mess up your computer or make your office equipment malfunction. With time, he’ll eventually understand what you truly expect from him. The flirting help-desk SOS also works with Swiss army knives, electronic planners, and flat bike tires… So, try it all.

Get Your Bold Friend to Intervene

You get petrified when you lock eyes with a man at a bar? No worries; just send your bold friend on reconnaissance. She’ll handle the introductions, just like back in school. She’ll start a conversation and say, for example, “Come have a drink with us.” A few seconds later, the young man will come over to offer you a vodka orange. And if you’re not his type, your friend will take the rejection for you. Isn’t life beautiful?

Games as a Flirting Tool

You spend an evening with him, having a conversation, but nothing happens, and you’re afraid to touch his arm? There’s nothing like a game of Truth or Dare or other forfeit games to loosen up. It’s highly likely that by the end of the evening, you’ll be able to reel in your target.

Remain Reserved in Any Situation

Feeling stressed and awkward when you’re alone at a party? Don’t show it; calmly sit on the couch, adopting a trendy attitude. Wear a cinematic pout and a dreamy gaze. By appearing this way, it’s highly likely that a man will suggest accompanying you. If later you can’t find any discussion topics because you feel intimidated, the aloofness you exude might intrigue him. With this method, you can flirt while conserving your energy, sitting down.

Go for a Costume!

To overcome your shyness, putting on a costume for a party or any other occasion is the best way to conquer your fear. Indeed, by playing a role, you’ll become a different character – someone unafraid of flirting and not the usual timid self.

Be Attentive and Caring

Afraid of revealing yourself? That’s a good thing because men tend to talk a lot more. By listening to what he says, like his tale of gastro trouble he had in Kurdistan, you’ll gain his sympathy, and your shyness will appear as a mysterious aspect.

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