Homme et engagement

Men and Commitment

“Always up for a one-night stand, but when the relationship starts getting serious, some men tend to leave for another woman. This same scenario keeps repeating. So, you’re probably wondering, ‘Why are men scared of commitment?’ Painful memories from the past or fear of losing their freedom, there can be numerous reasons for this situation.”

Sometimes in a romantic relationship, everything seems fine until the moment when desires no longer align… He adores you but doesn’t want to commit? Fear of suffering again or losing his freedom, what are the reasons?

Don’t think that men don’t want to commit!

Many women believe that every man they meet is horrified at the thought of commitment. According to them, men want to run away as soon as they hear the phrase, ‘I think you should meet my parents.’ Apart from the 20% who have a commitment phobia, men commit just as much as women do. Keep in mind that many women are also afraid of living with someone. When your lover doesn’t want to commit to you, it doesn’t necessarily make him a ‘typical guy.’ You should know that there are numerous reasons for this fear, including lack of experience or past relationship pain.

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