La musique et ses bienfaits

Music and Its Benefits

“As the saying goes, music soothes the soul. Indeed, this is true according to studies conducted by numerous specialists. From childhood, it lulls us and brings exceptional benefits, both mentally and physically. Researchers inform us of the positive effects of music.”

The world of music continues to expand, and it is a part of every household. It has become a way of life, but we may not be fully aware of what it does for our bodies. Here are some reasons that might change your mind and encourage you to listen to it.

The Many Virtues of Music

It’s worth knowing that from birth, a baby already recognizes the tunes enjoyed and listened to by their parents during the gestation period. Music acts as a stimulator, reducing the baby’s stress and keeping their physical and cerebral functions alert. Thanks to music, the baby will experience a sense of security and emotions, feelings that they can rediscover once they are born. Classical music contributes to a child’s listening skills and enhances their concentration. It stimulates imagination and helps the child better understand their surroundings. At bedtime, it is advisable to let them listen to classical music or a lullaby, but among the various musical vibrations or voices, what they will love the most is their mother’s voice.

Music Stimulates the Brain

One of the fundamental functions of the brain is musical creativity. According to a study conducted over 8 months at the California Neurology Center, the results speak for themselves. The study involved around fifty children divided into three groups: the first group received piano and singing lessons, the second group received computer lessons, and the third group received no lessons. Fun spatial recognition tests were conducted at the end of the study. It was observed that the first group achieved results 31% higher than those of the other two groups. There is a link between how the brain functions and individual musical preferences. An emotional or intuitive brain leans toward more romantic pieces, while an analytical and logical brain has more affinity for intellectual music.

Less Pain with Music

Listening to music for an hour a day may help alleviate chronic pain, according to the results of a study, with reductions of up to 21%. A 25% reduction in depressive states related to pain can also be achieved. One-third of a group of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or chronic spinal issues were asked to listen to their favorite songs with headphones. The second third was offered relaxation music, and the final group had no music. According to the author of the study, the first and second thirds experienced less pain. However, there was no difference in the condition of the last third. These are highly encouraging results, considering the difficulty of treating chronic pain with medications. Other studies in the past have already highlighted the benefits of music on post-surgical pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Also, it’s worth noting that music promotes better sleep.

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