Comment devenir riche et abondant ?

4 Secrets to Becoming Wealthy and Abundant

Even without money or starting from scratch, anyone can become rich! This option is within everyone’s reach because becoming wealthy is a learnable skill. Wallace D. Wattles addresses this topic in his book titled ‘The Science of Getting Rich.’ It’s worth noting, however, that each person has their own definition of the word ‘wealth.’

Becoming rich is the aspiration of every individual as it provides financial independence. However, being rich doesn’t always necessarily imply material wealth. Indeed, an individual can be rich emotionally, spiritually, or in terms of relationships. Here are four secrets that will help you become rich and abundant. You will find that they may seem simple and obvious, but they are not easy to apply!

1. Define Your Personal Vision of Wealth

‘Being rich’: what does that mean? It’s a subjective notion, and each individual has their own definition of the term. Some may say they are rich because they have what they need. Others may say they are rich because they have loyal friends or a loving family. Some consider having time for oneself as wealth… Beyond all these notions, the word ‘wealth’ is closely tied to the amount of money a person possesses, even though having a lot of money is not an end in itself. However, money provides a highly coveted freedom and represents a real goal to achieve. In essence, being rich is living according to one’s deepest desires, and money can be the best means to get there.

Therefore, it is essential to specify the type of wealth you desire or, more precisely, the life you dream of. This is an important step, although people tend to overlook it. Why? Because of fear of failure or stepping out of their usual comfort zone. That’s why few people live the life they’ve dreamed of. Yet, this introspective work is important because it allows you to set your own goals.

2. Build Unshakeable Self-Confidence

The key to success is self-confidence. Believing in your abilities is essential because the success of a project depends on the belief you put into it. So, apply yourself and banish all negative thoughts. Always learn to cultivate a positive mindset, as it will attract success. This is what Steve Jobs did when he believed that his will could change reality. He created a reality distortion field around him. This reality distortion field is like a magnetic field but operates on minds.

It was this vision that allowed Apple’s co-founder to manipulate those around him to accomplish his ambitious projects. Once again, it demonstrates that the power of thought can influence personal outcomes.

3. Never Fear Taking the Leap

While few people truly know what they want, many are dissatisfied with their lives. They complain about their job, colleagues, or boss, yet they do nothing and simply grumble. Few people dare to take action to improve their situation.

Take action, take the leap, and don’t be afraid to move at your own pace! Keep in mind that as long as you do nothing, nothing will happen to you either! In fact, 100% of those who don’t dare to try fail. Find inspiration in the experiences of others who have ventured before you and found success.

Move forward and learn from your mistakes, but don’t wait to be perfect. Keep learning continuously. Don’t be afraid to commit to pursuing your dream even if you find the road challenging. In addition to the courage to move forward, add perseverance: advance, learn, fail… Then start again, learn, and continue…

4. Give Up the Idea of Becoming a Millionaire at Any Cost!

You are aware that the concept of wealth is highly subjective. For some, €3,000 is a substantial amount and makes them feel rich, while others consider it ‘pocket change.’ Various studies have shown that being rich depends more on the feelings experienced by a person than the balance in their bank account. Therefore, there’s no need to be a millionaire to feel rich!

Note that the desire to become ultra-rich is indeed the most effective way to remain poor, without taking any action. Why? Because the ‘millionaire fantasy’ leads a person to dream of immense wealth they will never possess. Some succeed, but it requires a lot of willpower, sacrifice, and hard work. That’s the reason why the majority of aspiring wealthy individuals fail.

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