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My name is Valérie

Hi, girls! Today, I want to share with you a blog article I wrote for LBC, the online classified ads website, where I tell the story of Valérie, a friend who had a brilliant idea to test the social bond among her contacts on social media. You’ll see, it’s incredibly inspiring!

Valérie is a girl who loves to share her memories and emotions with the people who have meant something to her in life.

She believes it’s essential to stay connected with those who have made an impact, even if she doesn’t see them often. For her, it’s a way to feel close to her roots, her history, her identity. She also enjoys listening to others’ stories, discovering their journeys, dreams, and regrets. She believes that every person has something to teach, to offer, to make her feel. She is deeply interested in human psychology, motivations, needs, and emotions that drive us. She is passionate about social science, which studies social phenomena, interactions, and relationships between individuals and groups. She wants to understand how bonds are formed, how values are transmitted, and how identities are built. She believes that sharing is the key to happiness and personal fulfillment.

Her experiment called “Friends and Family Reunion”

A social experiment is conducted with human subjects to study their reactions in a given context. It allows a better understanding of human nature, thought mechanisms, and cultural differences. That’s what I wanted to do by launching a challenge on social media called “Friends and Family Reunion.” The idea was to see who among my contacts read my posts and remembered me. So, I asked those who wanted to participate to leave a comment with a word or a phrase that reminded them of the relationship we had or still have. For example, the name of a place where we met, an activity we shared, a common memory, etc. Then, I asked them to copy this text and post it on their own profile to invite their friends to do the same.

I was curious to see the responses I would receive and if they would match what I imagined. I also wanted to know if this challenge would create connections among my contacts or, on the contrary, push them away. I was inspired by the social science dimension and the psychological aspect of this experiment. I wanted to observe how people behave on social media, how they express their identity, belonging, and recognition. I also wanted to analyze my own feelings towards these reactions: satisfaction, disappointment, surprise, indifference…

I invite you to participate in this social experiment if you wish. What word or phrase would you choose to describe our relationship?

Reciprocal Engagement

She commits to doing the same for those who play along, aiming to create a little happiness and positivity in this crazy world. She hopes to reconnect with old lost friends, find distant family members, or simply bring a smile to those who follow her. It’s her way of resisting the prevailing gloominess, feeling useful, and connected to others. She believes that every gesture matters, that every word can make a difference. She wants to show that she cares about those around her, that she is not indifferent to their fate. She believes in the power of kindness, gratitude, and empathy. She thinks that by sharing these values, she can contribute to changing the world, even in her small way.


She couldn’t believe the enthusiasm her simple message had sparked. She had asked her followers to send her a word or a phrase that defined them, and she received hundreds of responses. She had fun reading them one by one, trying to guess who was behind each word. She was amazed by the richness and variety of vocabulary used, the original or poetic expressions, and the touching or funny confessions. Some expressed their gratitude or affection, while others revealed aspects of their lives or character she hadn’t suspected.

She realized that this experiment had brought her much more than mere entertainment. It allowed her to strengthen the bond with her community and feel less isolated in a world where everything seems superficial and ephemeral. She also became aware that social media could be a powerful tool for creating social connections, provided they are used with authenticity and respect.

That’s what I wanted to share with you about Valérie’s story.

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