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How to Get Toned Thighs?

“Cellulite on the thighs is mainly caused by the accumulation of fats resulting from the carbohydrates in certain foods. Balancing sugar consumption and reducing salt intake are the best dietary habits to limit cellulite formation. To tone your thighs, physical exercises and the use of anti-cellulite products are also necessary.”

Do your thighs seem a bit too round for your liking? Instead of cursing them in front of the mirror when you wear your favorite slim-fit pants, think about ways to correct the situation. In addition to adopting a healthier diet, you need to boost your blood circulation and motivate yourself to exercise. Follow the guide!

A two-phase action plan for your diet:

While it’s best to avoid storing fat when dreaming of sculpted thighs, your eating behavior should not be questioned in your fight against cellulite. A diet is not the solution for making it disappear. The action plan will consist of two phases: first, stop the formation of cellulite, and then gradually reintroduce foods that were prohibited.

First step: Reduce carbohydrate consumption

Sugars are either immediately stored by the body (including the muscles) or converted into fat. So, for 10 days, limit foods containing carbohydrates or high in carbohydrates, with a maximum daily consumption of 60g of carbohydrates. The foods to be avoided are candies, cookies, soda, foods made from white flour, such as pasta, pizza, pastries, bread, as well as starchy foods and potatoes. Also, reduce alcohol and appetizer consumption! In parallel, the consumption of raw vegetables, green vegetables, poultry, cold cuts, seafood, and fish is not prohibited, as well as milk and cheese. Since fruits contain slow sugars, limit yourself to eating two per day and consume them outside of meals.

Second step: Gradually rebalance your diet

After your 10 days of reduced carbohydrate intake, reintroduce whole grains and other food categories into your diet. Refined grains are discouraged because they can cause bloating, fatigue, and a desire for sweet foods. Your new mission is to consume no more than 100g of carbohydrates per day, equivalent to a portion of whole rice or nine slices of whole wheat bread.

Less salt!

As part of your “toned thighs” goal, you need to reduce your salt consumption, as it promotes water retention, which leads to heavy legs. Salt is also responsible for circulatory problems, so limit this ingredient in your dishes, especially in summer.

Use the right products to decongest the tissues:

With appropriate cosmetics, you will discover the astonishing effects of anti-water and anti-fat formulas against chubby thighs and legs.

Phyto Sculpt from Laboratoire Ferrier (price: €13.20) is a mousse that releases fats from adipocytes and fights water retention thanks to its flavonoid-rich active ingredients. You’ll love its texture, which is a real treat for the skin!

Be Svelt, the Anti-Cellulite Freshness Spray from Méthode Jeanne Piaubert (€43), is a multi-position spray with an aqueous texture that penetrates the skin in record time for a quick and targeted action. With its high concentration of convertium, a complex active ingredient designed to reprogram adipocytes to accelerate fat destocking and burning, it’s as effective as it is practical!

Light and with a delightful scent of lemon, orange, ginger, and basil, the anti-cellulite serum from the AromaBody range by Linéance (€13.55) is rich in slimming actives: caffeine, ginkgo biloba, liporeducing green tea, ivy with decongestant properties, and skin-firming vitamin C.

Hooray for exercise!

In addition to a healthy diet and the use of a good anti-cellulite product, crown your “toned thighs” program with targeted exercises to slim and sculpt your thighs and calves.

Exercise for the front of the thighs:

To reduce the little bulges on the front of your thighs, lean your back against a wall and sit with your legs slightly apart, knees aligned with your heels, and thighs parallel to the ground. Hold this position for 30 seconds or a minute, depending on the level of difficulty, and repeat the operation three times in a row, every 30 seconds.

Exercise for the inner thighs:

To tone your thighs, lie on your side and maintain your position by leaning on one hand placed in front of you. Bring the upper leg forward in a bent position with the heel firmly on the ground. Perform large bottom-to-top swings with the lower leg, keeping it stretched and the foot flexed. Continue by raising the leg as high as possible and doing small swings this time.

Exercise to firm the back of the thighs:

This exercise works both the back of the thighs and the buttocks. Place both hands against the wall, with your hips parallel to the wall, and perform 20 large leg swings backward while keeping the foot flexed. Then finish with 20 small swings.

Exercise for the front of the thighs:

To strengthen the front of your thighs, stand with your legs slightly apart and keep your back straight. Bend your knees as if you were sitting down and then rise slowly. Also, make sure that the bent knees are aligned with your heels. Repeat the operation thirty times while contracting your buttocks.

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