4 astuces pour bien dormir après avoir fait la fête

4 Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep After Partying

“Are you a fan of late nights out? You should be aware that it’s not without risks because it shortens your sleep time. It has been proven that regular lack of sleep can lead to various issues such as reduced attention, the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and depression. Although you can never recover lost sleep, make time to recover.”

It’s well-known that sleep and alcohol don’t mix well! So, what do you do when you know you’ll be drinking but still want to enjoy a good night’s sleep afterward? Here are some tips that should be helpful!

Never Mix Sleeping Pills and Alcohol!

If you suffer from insomnia and are forced to take sleeping pills, stop this habit when you drink. Combining sleep and sleeping pills can be very dangerous for your health.

Wait 3 to 4 Hours Before Going to Bed

After a party, you should wait at least 3 to 4 hours before sleeping, especially if you’ve been drinking. This allows your body to have the necessary time to metabolize alcohol. By doing so, your sleep will be better because your body has been able to process as much alcohol as possible. However, the duration will depend on a person’s size, gender, and alcohol consumption. Generally, women are more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol.

Alternate Between Alcohol and Water

You should drink two glasses of still water for each alcoholic beverage. This way, your body will be better at eliminating alcohol. If you’re consuming wine or a sweetened drink, you need to drink even more water to reduce the sugar content.

Avoid Sparkling Wines

The bubbles in such drinks can cause gas and bloating, which can distend your stomach. This increases the surface area for alcohol absorption, leading to a significant disruption of your sleep. Similarly, go easy on cocktails with carbonated drinks!

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